The Rules To The Race.

The Main Organist, The North

25 Feb 2017

Any sort of bike as long as it has two wheels and one rider.

No electric bikes.

Competitors must exercise sound, mature judgment being responsible for their own and other’s safety, carry out all instructions from officials and the police (if present) take responsibility in knowing these rules, the route involved and race on the course by themselves unaided.

Competitors must conduct themselves in a proper manner, respect all others and not bring the sport into disrepute, including threatening, abusive behavior. This will result in instant disqualification.

Competitors must be adequately clothed at all times. No naked or topless riding.

Cycle Conduct

Every competitor must ensure that his or her cycle is in a safe condition.

Handlebars and bar ends must be plugged.

Any part of the cycle course may be covered on foot but on these occasions the competitors must carry or push their own bike, walking to one side of the path.

Helmets must be fastened before the competitor’s cycle is moved onto the course from the corral and must remain fastened until the cycle is returned to the corral.

Competitors may only be penalised by readily identifiable race marshals.

Penalties may be issued or disqualifications given at any time up to the announcement of the final results.

The following offences will cause automatic disqualification from the event.

a. Threatening, abusive or insulting words or conduct
b. Breaking road traffic regulations
c. Dangerous conduct/riding
e. Failing to obey marshals or the police
f. Nudity (Without prior permission)
g. Outside assistance on the course
h. Tampering with the equipment of others
i. Unsporting impedance
j. Course irregularities (unless the competitor returns to the point at which he or she left the course, or a point on the course prior to it, and then completes the course)

Thank You